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Markets & More… analyzes selected health and technology markets, emphasizing the “what” and “why” that drives demand and development of products and services.  Our affordable reports evaluate consumer, fitness, health, and technology markets.

Analysis / Content

Follow news that grabs our attention. Anything Market provides up-to-date information about technologies and trends that capture our attention. Content and formats vary: Articles, editorials, observations, etc. Coverage typically highlights "new and niche-y" consumer, fitness, health, medical, and other potentially impactful products, forces, etc. (e.g., “anything”).

What’s New describes current topics of interest, new publications, useful resources, etc.

Archives links you to’s earlier articles, news, and market assessments. 

Services identifies and meets client needs with cost-effective targeted projects. Partnering with clients combines your industry savvy with our research-based observations and survey findings to produce customized strategies that improve your prospects. Projects range from determining demand for a new product or service to evaluating near-term market opportunities for a stagnant business unit.

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